The world would have you believe that there are many Gods to choose from, but none of the ways of this world can guarantee you a place in the Kingdom of Heaven. The people who are honestly searching for God can find no Peace in the world’s ways. They tend to find confusion instead. If you are honestly searching for God, then I know where your destiny is. Jesus Christ is the Way to Life Eternal.

You see, each one of us has an obstacle between us and our Creator. That obstacle is our sinful nature. God loves us but sin has no place in his presence. The consequence of our sin is death, (separation from God), the price we pay for our wrongful actions. If that’s the price to pay, then none of us can save ourselves, for that’s all we have. Yet, God put a Marvelous Plan into motion. He would have a man live a sinless life. If He lived a sinless Life, then His death could pay the price of another’s sin. As Adam’s sin caused the death of many, Christ’s death would give life back to many. Jesus, as Son of The Living God, died on the cross to pay the debt we couldn’t pay without our destruction. However, He didn’t leave it at that. After He was put in the tomb for a time period, (so that it would be certain to anyone that He was dead), He secured Victory for us all. He arose on the third day, and broke the power of death and the grave forever. Through Him, we can live eternally.

Do you want true victory? Do you want to live forever in The Kingdom of Heaven?
Then pray this prayer:

Lord Jesus, I believe that you are Son of The Living God and died for my sins. I believe you arose alive, and are now at the Right Hand of Power. I’m sorry for my sins and I repent of them. Forgive me Lord and grant me eternal life. Come into my heart, and help me live the rest of my life for you. For I ask this in Your Name, Lord Jesus, and for Your Sake,

This is only your first step. Next, get your hands on a Bible and study God’s Word. For study purposes, I recommend an NIV study Bible with commentary. If you use a King James translation, Haley’s Handbook is an excellent study guide. In the meantime, tell somebody about your decision to follow Christ.

God be with you,